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SPECIALITY 071 "Accounting and Taxation"

Educational and qualification level of training: bachelor, specialist , master.

Course form: full-time , part-time (at the secondary and higher education).

To obtain an international certificate " CAP " legal education.

Specialists are preparing for an accounting , economic, financial, organizational, managerial and research activities in various sectors of the economy of Ukraine in accordance with qualifications obtained .

Specialist trained in active creative professional and social activities . Graduates are working :

  • at enterprises;
  • organizations and institutions of all forms of property;
  • carrying out various activities , the positions of director, chief accountant;
  • financial director of the auditor;
  • accountant and economist ;
  • in state tax administration , tax police , control and audit;
  • departments the positions of specialists.

Basic special courses that students learn:

    • Tax accounting;
    • Strategic Management
    • Financial Accounting;
    • Scientific methods of investigation
    • Management Accounting;
    • Organization of accounting;
    • Accounting in budget organizations;
    • Accounting for foreign economic activity;
    • Accounting and analysis of insurance and investment companies;
    • Accounting in foreign countries;
    • Accounting in the fields of economy;
    • Organization of accounting for small businesses;
    • Accounting and auditing in banks;
    • The organization and methods of auditing;
    • Audit;
    • International audit;
    • Forensic accounting expertise;
    • Control and audit;
    • Current tax laws;
    • Insurance;
    • Controlling investment;
    • Management information systems in accounting and auditing (1C-Enterprise, etc..)
    • Business Planning.

    Teaching at the Department of Accounting and Taxation is carried out using modern teaching methods, using computer technology and information systems specialists with high qualifications and practical experience in accounting and taxation.

    Graduate accounting education, skill obtained accounting and documentation of business will help you as a specialist, own the situation at the enterprise level management.Graduate accounting education received at the National Mining University, will give you not only qualified accountant and economist, but also make manager-analyst accounting, taxation, finance and audit.

    Presentation of the department "Accounting and Auditing"
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