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Department's history

Department of Accounting and Auditing was established September 1, 2000.

The department produces specialists and masters on a specialty "Accounting and Auditing", who are preparing to an accounting, economic, financial, organizational - administrative and scientific - research work in various branches of national economy.

The main scientific direction of the departmentoptimization of accounting in accordance with legislation of Ukraine.

The department is fully equipped with teaching staff with experience in research and teaching work in accordance with the actual workload.

Basic education and orientation of the scientific work of all teachers correspond to profile of subjects that they taught. They all have direct work experience in industry or in research institutions.

Head of Department Dr. Sc. (Economics), Professor, Vagonova Oleksandra Grigorievna , head of the department of accounting and auditing on a regular basis since 2009.

The Department of Accounting and Auditing trains candidates in the following specialties:

  • Economics and Enterprise Management (08.00.04)
  • Economics of Natural Resources and Environment (08.08.01)
  • Economic Theory (08.01.01)
  • Over the past five years, six assistants have completed graduate school, five of them defended their dissertations and received a Ph.D. degree in economics.

    Annually to the department of accounting and auditing are taken 1-2 graduates with interruption of work. Currently in graduate school studies 6 people.

    Subjects theses devoted to the problems of adaptation of mining industry and other sectors of the economy of Ukraine to the current market conditions, taking into account opportunities to improve the efficiency of businesses and improve their management.

    Department has the following main areas:

  • improving the method of sanation audit the business
  • formation of an early warning system probability of bankruptcy
  • internal control risk management
  • development of integrated structures
  • improvement of accounting
  • improving the method of cost management in the formation of production costs
  • The department staff actively engage students in scientific - research work.In the limit of this activity students conducted scientific - practical conferences, competitions, club meetings for professional accountants.

    The Department has established close contacts with publishers of professional publications such as "All about accounting", "Accounts."

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