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The results of the conference "Contemporary Accounting, Analysis and Auditing: theory, practice and prospects", held 16-17 April 2013, was published abstracts.

In February, the Department of Accounting and Auditing took prospective students from Dnepropetrovsk College of Technology and Design.


21-22 March 2013 grade 4 course in "Accounting and Auditing" participated in the Third Scientific Conference of PhD students, seekers and masters, "Accounting, analysis and control in the management of business entities", held at the National University "Lviv Polytechnic".


Moldovan A. received a diploma for winning the nomination "Young Scientist".

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Cherevko A. has received a diploma for the relevance of the study topic.

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16-17 April 2013 held scientific and practical conference "Modern Accounting, Analysis and Auditing: theory, practice and prospects."

The purpose of the conference - identifying promising directions for the accounting, analysis and control of business entities in Ukraine.

The main directions of the conference (section)

  Recent developments in the interaction of the tax and financial accounting

• Practice to improve accounting

• Prospects audit in Ukraine

Prospects for improving internal controls in the company

Innovative approaches to teaching subjects students majoring in "Accounting and Auditing".

October 23 students in the department of accounting and auditing to attend a lecture by Tony Blair's "Modernization of the country in the twenty-first century." Tony Blair, the former British prime minister (1997-2007), the spoke in Dnepropetrovsk at the invitation of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.


As part of a public lecture by Tony Blair presented his vision of the key factors influencing the development and modernization of the countries in our time, he turned to his experience of the UK at a time when he headed the government, and answered students' questions.


In anticipation of an interesting meeting.


A fascinating and informative lecture completely captured the attention of students.


The meeting was attended not only by students, but also high-ranking guests.


Our esteemed rector Gennady G. was also present at the meeting.


The department of account and audit continues a collaboration with a newspaper «All about a record-keeping».

On October, 25 meeting of students took place IV and the V courses with the representative of newspaper. Which offered to them to pass testing with the purpose of hire for job the best on position of expert. During testing students except for a questionnaire decided registration practical situations and tasks.

Such meetings are an effective explaining mean to the study of registration disciplines, give to feel the professional level and confidence in the possibilities, wake up a desire to perfect the knowledges and abilities.


Professional advice for students from Head of Department., Prof., Dr. Sc. (Economics) Vagonova O.G. before testing

With representatives from the newspaper "All of accounting"

Statement by the newspaper

Preparation for testing

It began ...

Hard work on the solution of tasks

Lively discussion tasks                                          

                                       Meeting with the first year students!

A new school year is on. Those who are already well on the path of knowledge, closer to precious diplomas, and the first-timers of the university, and of course, professors, wise mentors and teachers, met together at the Mining University.

In early September, first-year students of "Accounting and Audit" were presented to the leading teachers of the department, who spoke the words to wish every success in their studies.

Dear freshmen! Before you open a new world, full of the interesting experiences. We wish you to walk this path with dignity and success in all your endeavors, and insistence in the development of knowledge and learning mood!

Expect soon a report with photos soon!

of Accounting and Auditing


15 Masters and 12 professionals, graduates of the department of accounting and auditing have received an honors degree, which is the best among all disciplines of the University and the Institute of Economics

3rd year student
awarded a scholarship named after the first rector of the Higher Mining School Ekaterinoslav


Students 5th year of painstaking study and research work will be awarded certificates from the department and the newspaper "All of accounting"

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Alexandra Grigorievna!
Congratulations on your
We wish you
all the best.
Sincerely, the staff of the department and
newspaper "All of accounting"


April 23, 2012 at the Department of Accounting and Auditing took place "self-Day."

     One of the main objectives of the educational activities of the Department - the formation of a socially active person, able to compete in the labor market, able to think independently, to generate new ideas, make creative solutions to solve complex challenges of life.
    Therefore, special attention is paid to the Day of self-government as one of the main directions of the organization of educational activities. Students of the OA-09-1, which have an active role in the life of their own institution and in their personal lives, conducted lectures on the subject "Social protection of workers' on the theme:" Social workers paid "under the direction of associate professor Usatenko O.V .

Recent guidance teacher Usatenko O. before the training session

Speech by the student group of OA-09-1 Cherevko Anastasia on "vacation pay workers'

Speech by the student group of OA-09-1 Domaeva Elena on "Payment of days of disability"

Speech by the student group of OA-09-1 Moldovanu Anna on "Pay day trips employees"

Participants self-Day with the teacher Usatenko O.

At April 10th, 2012 at the Department of Accounting and audit took place the scientific and practical conference "Problems and prospects of accounting and analytical and control and management aspects in the enterprises of Ukraine"




In March, Department of Accounting and Audit conducted a roundtable discussion on "Accounting and Taxes," with 3 and 4 year degree in "Accounting and auditing" and college students Pavlograd National Mining University, majoring in "Accounting and auditing".

The purpose of the roundtable was the formation of students' understanding of basic principles and methodology of accounting, depending on the needs of different users.

The round table discussed topical issues of accounting:

  1.      Accounting for fixed assets accounting and tax accounting
  2.      Problems of intangible assets
  3.      The balance in the accounting system
  4.      Reflection of personal income tax accounting
  5.      Taxation revenue in the accounting and tax accounting.

As part of the round table between the students and guests intense discussion ensued, during which participants discussed specific practical issues, which is typical, teachers willingly share their many years of experience with students. At the end of the round table have been identified current problems of accounting and the current tax system, made ​​appropriate findings.

In general, a roundtable was held in a friendly working environment. Participants shared their visions of the problems, proposed ways and methods to solve them. In conclusion, we can add that all roundtable participants were satisfied with the meeting.

For students of the department of accounting and auditing was made an excursion to the PAO "ZAZ" - the only enterprise in Ukraine that has a complete cycle of production of cars, to get acquainted with the technology of production.


February 13, 2012 meeting of students of 4-5 courses with potential employers, representatives of PricewaterhouseCoopers - the world's largest consulting and audit network. Where they were offered information about the activities of PWC and conducted training on hiring in the audit department of Dnipropetrovsk regional department PWC.

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Winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of diploma in the specialty "Accounting and Auditing"
Linkevych Julia - lieutenant of internal service, Assistant Head of the institution involved sentenced to labor and labor adaptation (left)
Milyushko Anna - Accountant Company "Yavor-2000" (right)


Prize places took Masters degree students of the Department of Accounting and Auditing in the National Competition diploma specialty "Accounting and Auditing" held by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine on 17-18 November 2011 at the Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named Michael Turchin-Baranovsky:

1. Yulia Vladimirovna Linkevych - "Accounting and control of payments for wages (the case of Ordzhonikidzenskoho correctional center number 79)."


2. Milyushko Anne Valerievna - "Organization of accounting and inventory control (for example, activity of" Verhnedneprovsky car repair factory ")."


3. Kulik Svetlana Bohdanivna "Organization of accounting, auditing and analysis of production costs in the management of construction activities (for example PAT Specialized mobile mechanized column" 90) "


Computer class of department of accounting and auditing

The study of accounting software in the computer lab of the Department


V International Scientific Conference "Audit XXI»


Students listen to the president of the Association of Certified Auditors Moldova V'ya Czeslaw Ciobanu


Students graduate with his teacher Usatenko O.V. and member of the European Federation of Accountants and Auditors Federico Diameda


The student with the head of Dnipropetrovsk regional department of national professional public organization "Union of Auditors of Ukraine," Mikhail Leonidovich Krapivko


Students of different courses with lecturer Gres N.L.

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